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Nuri Sushi – Review

  My friend and I decided to catch up over sushi, so she suggested a place in town. After walking through the Saturday hustle and bustle of Cape Town CBD, I walked into Nuri Sushi and found th…

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Gym 101 for beginners

Every time I’m adjusting the speed on the treadmill or trying to continue to pedal when my legs feel like jelly on an exercise bike, besides being sore and tired, being at the gym feels surre…

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Gym 101 for beginners

Every time I’m adjusting the speed on the treadmill or trying to continue to pedal when my legs feel like jelly on an exercise bike, I think to myself that being at the gym feels surreal.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.Instead, I like to improve on myself constantly in small ways as opposed to making big decisions for big changes which are usually so overwhelming, that you’d probably give up anyway.

In saying this, I made the decision to join the gym and I have to say…

I’m just a girl standing here looking sweaty, ridiculous and out of place, but I’m here to tell you…It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

And I’d like to share my gym story so far, along with a few tips.


Ask how to use any strange looking machines

The treadmill is pretty basic once you figure out the intensity levels, then it’s just a matter of pressing buttons.

There are machines that are a bit more complicated though and if you come across one, feel free to ask one of the trainers or someone close by. People are helpful, I swear.

You might think you’ll look silly by asking, but believe me, you’ll look sillier exercising backwards on a machine like me…

 Bring a towel- it’s a lifesaver

As much as we’d all like to just be slightly glossed over while working out for that ‘ I’ve been exercising look’, I’m sorry, but you’re going to sweat and if you’re doing it properly, you’re going to sweat a lot.

Dab up constantly not only so you can keep dry, but so that you won’t make the machines damp from your sweat for the next person. Be nice.

Wear what you’re comfortable in

Honestly, I did wrack my brain about what to wear the first day, but I realised that although there are people who like to dress up for the gym, most people are sporting an old T-shirt and gym tights. Wear a good pair of takkies/trainers though for extra comfort.

 Bring along some tunes

Music is important during a workout because it helps you to keep a constant pace and it distracts you enough during ‘not so enjoyable’ sessions. If you really want to get the best out of music during a workout, make your own playlist and jam to your own tunes. It will make it more enjoyable and you’ll be too distracted by your need to boogie, to cringe at the pain.

Drink up

While you’re sweating it our, your body is losing water. Bring along a bottle of water to quench your thirst and to keep you cool throughout your workout.

Take it easy…

While I’m huffing and puffing, I’m usually looking at someone in awe at how they’re effortlessly lifting weights or at how they are STILL running, while I’ve run out of steam. Slow and steady wins the race, guys. You’ll get there, but for now, get comfortable with a routine and slowly increase the intensity of your workout.

Well, there you have it, I’m not a professional in any way, so be sure to ask a personal trainer if you are unsure of anything and have fun! Gym should be all about becoming fit and healthy, with lots of fun in between. Here’s to sweating it out for great results, Adrenalin all the way.

Jiah Restaurant- review

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Full Steam Ahead to Ceres

The smell of fresh grass, bursts of warm spring air fanning your face at the window, and visions of endless green scenery, framed by  mountains. On the 1 October 2016 at 6:30am, my friend and I mad…

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Full Steam Ahead to Ceres

The smell of fresh grass, bursts of warm spring air fanning your face at the window, and visions of endless green scenery, framed by  mountains.


On the 1 October 2016 at 6:30am, my friend and I made our way to the Royal Cape Yacht Club at the Table Bay harbour, to begin our Steam train ride adventure, en-route Ceres.

We boarded the Ceres Steam Train ( of the Ceres Rail Company) at 7am, after being mesmorised at the majestic size and design of the pulsing red colour and the 20th century architecture .The train pays its dues to South Africa’s heritage, being built in the 20th century and completed in 1912. Passengers are given a taste of a 100-year history, coupled with a modern twist.


We were in awe of the interior set-up of the train, as we entered. Being used to the set up of Metro Rail trains ( two and three-seater couches facing each other, usually worn with graffiti on the walls), traveling to work everyday, I was deeply impressed.

In each carriage, there were luxurious couches and chairs, perfect for dozing or relaxing for the duration of the trip. There were big windows along either side of the carriages, with the option to slide it up, to look at the scenery during the journey.

Finally settling on a comfortable two-seater couch, close to a large window with a perfect view, we sat down excitedly and after a short while we heard the familiar  ‘ choo choo’ sound that we only ever heard in movies, followed by the ‘chug-chug’ sound. The realisation that we were in an actual steam train finally hit us and we were off.

We probably shouldn’t have for safety reasons, but we couldn’t resist taking turns sticking our heads out the window after watching the views . There really is nothing like the smell of acres of trees and fynbos, images of grazing animals and a cool breeze fanning your face.


Although the magic of being aboard an actual steam train doesn’t become tiresome, if you become restless, there is a quaint little area on the train, which is used as a mini coffee shop. Although pricey, there were tasty muffins and coffee on sale for breakfast. There is an open bar for the duration of the trip though and passengers are able to hydrate according to their preference, throughout the trip, at no extra cost.


Some of the picturesque areas the train passed were the Paarl Wineland areas, Wolseley, Mitchell’s Pass and Wellington. There aren’t any stops besides Wellington, where the train is filled with water. The hues of green and yellows that flashed past the windows as the train steamed passed farms, reminded me of a flawless painting.


Finally, after many, many breathtaking views and photo opportunities, we arrived at the Ceres Golf Course where lunch was to be served. Long tables were set up inside a small hall and outside, where you could choose either option to enjoy your lunch at. Be sure to notify the staff ahead of time about any eating preferences ( vegetarian, halaal etc.)


The Golf course was endless open green land, trees and relaxation. Passengers enjoyed a leisurely lunch in Ceres for two hours, before boarding the train again. The ride home was just as relaxing and many passengers dozed off to the soft whistling of the train and soft warm breeze that flowed through the carriages.

The Ceres Rail Company put a trip together that is great for a group of friends, an interesting date, family time or a mini getaway.Although it sounds like a simple trip in a train, it’s nothing but. It truly was an adventure and something to add to your bucket list. Just imagine the views during winter, with the mountains capped in snow.

For more information:

The Ceres Steam Train runs every second weekend and the costs per one way trip are as follows:

·         Adults 13y+ – R400pp

·         Children 2y-12y – R250pp

·         Infants 0-2y – free of charge since they will be on laps


The dates for the remainder of 2016 are below:

Fridays: 14 Oct | 28 Oct | 11 Nov | 25 Nov | 9 Dec | 30 Dec |

Ceres to Cape Town departing 10:30am

Saturdays: | 1 Oct | 15 Oct | 29 Oct | 12 Nov | 26 Nov | 10 Dec | 31 Dec |

Cape Town to Ceres departing 07:30am

Lunch at Ceres Golf Estate (additional cost: R150pp adults / R50pp children)

Ceres to Cape Town departing 14:00pm

Sundays: 16 Oct | 30 Oct | 13 Nov | 27 Nov | 11 Dec | 1 Jan ‘17|

 Cape Town  to  Ceres departing 09:30am

To book your tickets – book and pay online here:

If you have any inquiries please send an email to or call 083 440 7868 or visit the website

Full steam ahead to Ceres

The smell of fresh grass, bursts of warm spring air fanning your face at the window, and visions of endless green scenery, framed by  mountains.   On the 1 October 2016 at 6:30am, my friend an…

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The inbetweeners

  ” Hey, are you busy today? Do you maybe want to go out later tonight?” I paused before responding. Yes. I had plans and I was going to be busy, but not the kind of busy that shou…

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The inbetweeners



” Hey, are you busy today? Do you maybe want to go out later tonight?”

I paused before responding.

Yes. I had plans and I was going to be busy, but not the kind of busy that should prevent me from hanging out with my friend. The plan in my head was curling up with a book, attempting to cuddle my cat who isn’t loving and enjoying my own company. Yes, I was planning on being a genuine cat lady, or hermit, or whichever term shames people for daring not to socialise, on a Saturday night.

With some persuading, I might say yes and go with my friend and I would have a great time. Or I would decline and take myself up on my own offer of staying in.

Either way, it all depends on how I feel at the time.

Introverts unite! But alone, in our own spaces.




An introvert is commonly known as someone who prefers to be in their own company, who is generally quiet and who has a few close friends. They prefer to spend time with people one-on-one, as apposed to a group of people.

They feel most happy and energised when they are doing something that they enjoy, in solitude and big crowds usually overwhelms them.

An extrovert on the other hand, is the life of the partaaaay. They have a fruitful social life and thrive in big crowds. They are assertive, go-getters and prefer environments that offer them the opportunity to speak to other people frequently.

In mentioning the two “people” categories above, I would like to mention that I hate boxing people in and I feel that I generally don’t fit into the boxes that society has neatly folded into cardboard squares and have told us all to climb into…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like going out and having a good time and then afterwards, like you’d rather not see another human being for at least 48 hours- or more.

I think I would call myself an introverted- extrovert, but I found a cool term to box myself into and it’s called an Ambivert. Let’s take a walk into the mind of one.


  1. Small talk is not our cup of tea

We enjoy meaningful and interesting conversations and find chit-chat  unnecessary. I’m not saying we want to lay under the stars and speak about the meaning of life 24/7, but we try to keep chatting with so-and-so that we only see on and off in the elevator to a minimum, as well as discussions with so-and-so in the canteen at work about the state of the nations, while we are just trying to make a cup of coffee.

2. We need a break sometimes

Please, please, please. Don’t take it personally if we’d rather put our earphones in for a while, rather than have a chat or if we’d rather stay in, than hang out with you. We love spending time with our friends and family and having a good time, but sometimes we prefer to be in our space.

3. We are quiet most of the time, but if the situation arises, we can talk endlessly

By nature we are quiet individuals and we enjoy silence, but because we are deep thinkers, when the extroverted part of our nature comes out to play, we are great at having conversations and we enjoy it, especially if the topics are stimulating emotionally or intellectually.

4.We don’t have a set group of friends

We have individual friends and usually prefer spending time with them one-on-one. We are dedicated in our relationships in general and feel pressured in a large group of friends because we don’t feel that we can give them equal attention. We are very choosy with our picks because we value our friendships and invested time.

5. We live in our heads, more than in reality

Think, think, think. That is basically our lives. Our thoughts are constantly running around, analysing, over-thinking and making us lose focus.

Well, there you have it. Remember, we are all different, so these are not set traits. Whether you scale more towards introverted, extroverted, or in-between, just be yourself and march on.

Extroverted-introverts, align. Alone. Together. However.

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