The inbetweeners



” Hey, are you busy today? Do you maybe want to go out later tonight?”

I paused before responding.

Yes. I had plans and I was going to be busy, but not the kind of busy that should prevent me from hanging out with my friend. The plan in my head was curling up with a book, attempting to cuddle my cat who isn’t loving and enjoying my own company. Yes, I was planning on being a genuine cat lady, or hermit, or whichever term shames people for daring not to socialise, on a Saturday night.

With some persuading, I might say yes and go with my friend and I would have a great time. Or I would decline and take myself up on my own offer of staying in.

Either way, it all depends on how I feel at the time.

Introverts unite! But alone, in our own spaces.




An introvert is commonly known as someone who prefers to be in their own company, who is generally quiet and who has a few close friends. They prefer to spend time with people one-on-one, as apposed to a group of people.

They feel most happy and energised when they are doing something that they enjoy, in solitude and big crowds usually overwhelms them.

An extrovert on the other hand, is the life of the partaaaay. They have a fruitful social life and thrive in big crowds. They are assertive, go-getters and prefer environments that offer them the opportunity to speak to other people frequently.

In mentioning the two “people” categories above, I would like to mention that I hate boxing people in and I feel that I generally don’t fit into the boxes that society has neatly folded into cardboard squares and have told us all to climb into…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like going out and having a good time and then afterwards, like you’d rather not see another human being for at least 48 hours- or more.

I think I would call myself an introverted- extrovert, but I found a cool term to box myself into and it’s called an Ambivert. Let’s take a walk into the mind of one.


  1. Small talk is not our cup of tea

We enjoy meaningful and interesting conversations and find chit-chat  unnecessary. I’m not saying we want to lay under the stars and speak about the meaning of life 24/7, but we try to keep chatting with so-and-so that we only see on and off in the elevator to a minimum, as well as discussions with so-and-so in the canteen at work about the state of the nations, while we are just trying to make a cup of coffee.

2. We need a break sometimes

Please, please, please. Don’t take it personally if we’d rather put our earphones in for a while, rather than have a chat or if we’d rather stay in, than hang out with you. We love spending time with our friends and family and having a good time, but sometimes we prefer to be in our space.

3. We are quiet most of the time, but if the situation arises, we can talk endlessly

By nature we are quiet individuals and we enjoy silence, but because we are deep thinkers, when the extroverted part of our nature comes out to play, we are great at having conversations and we enjoy it, especially if the topics are stimulating emotionally or intellectually.

4.We don’t have a set group of friends

We have individual friends and usually prefer spending time with them one-on-one. We are dedicated in our relationships in general and feel pressured in a large group of friends because we don’t feel that we can give them equal attention. We are very choosy with our picks because we value our friendships and invested time.

5. We live in our heads, more than in reality

Think, think, think. That is basically our lives. Our thoughts are constantly running around, analysing, over-thinking and making us lose focus.

Well, there you have it. Remember, we are all different, so these are not set traits. Whether you scale more towards introverted, extroverted, or in-between, just be yourself and march on.

Extroverted-introverts, align. Alone. Together. However.


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