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Nailed down affection


Being there.

Such a simple task that means so much.

You don’t have to move mountains, or wear a cape.

You just have to page through your favourite book next to me,

While I lay across from you, watching my favourite show.

Being there.

So simple.

Just make a funny face at me from across the room.

Being there.

It’s easy.

Listen to me while I’m replaying the events of my day dramatically.

Laugh at the right places and roll your eyes on cue.

Being there.

Just do it, don’t think.

Don’t ask, how or if you should.

Sit with me in silence when I’m sad.

Hold my hand and don’t.

Being there.

Just be.

Smile at me,

Give me light when it’s dark.

Scold me when I’m wrong.

Hear me.

Embrace who I am.

Just be there.

And  I’ll be there too.

Pigmented soul

dry paint

I scratched at the paint of the memories,

Its colours so vivid.

It itched as it floated to the ground,

Swirls of colours I despised.


I began to peel away the new skin I climbed in,

That hid who I was.

I was searching for something to fill the void

And I lost myself in the maze of it.


I just wanted to be seen.

I walked away from what I wished you saw in me,


Now, I see myself again.

My canvas is blank.

I lift my paintbrush,

I see the colours I love again.

It is beautiful.

It is freedom.


Divine. Devotion.Reflection.


Photo credit: Aaqeelah Floris, sunset, Cape Town, South Africa, Sea Point


The sky is painted with hues of soft pink

and the world stands still for a while,

While we whisper and repeat the tranquil sounds .

And there’s the call that brings us back to earth

And our hearts feel contented.

And we rinse our souls of the day’s events

And remember the point of it all,

As we are brought to our knees and humbled.

And our secrets and hopes are spilt from our hearts

as we converse with

Everything greater than ourselves.

And we gather our broken pieces and wounds we

have collected from this life.

And a weight is lifted as we realise this is all temporary and it

will be worth it in the end.

And we lift our hands and ask for guidance on this tight rope we call life.




I remember looking down when you opened the door,
I couldn’t look up to see you, because I was afraid.
I walked slowly behind you ever since that day,
I’m still looking down, because I’m still afraid.

After a while I glanced at you,
I saw your smile and eventually your soul.
I walked next you since that day,
I looked at you and I was terrified.

I heard your laugh and your dancing voice.
Then, I memorised the sound and the way it felt.
The colour of your eyes began to paint my mind.
I walked with you since that day.
I see you, I see you and I’m only afraid to close my eyes.

You told me your stories and I tucked them in the folds of my heart,
I stare at you now and you begin to look away.
We’re mirrors now and you find it hard,
So you walk away from my reflection.

I ran after you that day.
You ran away that day.
You close your eyes,
But I’ll keep mine open.

I hope I’ll see you again.
I’m not afraid anymore.

What the heart will never tell you

What the heart will never tell you.

Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed.

Training the heart to let go

Training the heart to let go.

Training the heart to let go

Training the heart to let go.

I’ll remember…

I’ll remember….

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